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Our Project

AgriSol is developing a model commercial farm, known as Kilele Farms, and a related rural community development program near Kigoma in Western Tanzania. Our project seeks to help transform food production in Tanzania from subsistence farming, with low productivity and under-utilized land resources, to commercial farming that can help foster mature domestic markets and value-added businesses.

Our approach is to develop an agricultural enterprise that combines large-scale, profitable commercial farming with significant local outreach and outgrower programs for smallholders. We believe this model can support and promote meaningful and sustainable change in Tanzania’s agricultural industry and transform the productivity of smallholders.

A new model for agricultural development

Through extensive collaboration with government and academic experts, AgriSol is developing a new model of public-private-academic partnership that leverages the unique strengths of each. Our approach addresses the challenges of scale, knowledge-transfer, technology, incentive and longevity in a new way.

AgriSol has worked closely with the Government of Tanzania, agricultural experts from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania and others to design various aspects of our project.

Our project will improve food security for Tanzanians, the health of Tanzanian children, and the livelihoods of the smallholders around our farm.